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The Final Rough Draft Of The DDP Field Manual Is Complete!

After many months of toil, the final rough draft has finally been finalized! It was just sent out for review to a large number of Esteemed Reviewers and once their feedback has been implemented and the accompanying photos have been … Continue reading

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The past four months have been as riveting and ridiculous as you’d expect… It all kicked off with Camp Dogecoin At Burning Man, wherein we connected with a bevy of beautiful friends, both old and new, spread the good word … Continue reading

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DDP Peace Bonds and The Nobel Prize For Partying!

Following some major advances in technology and irreverence, we’ve finally cracked the code on how to successfully finance The Global Party Pandemic, wherein we will unite the world in celebration and win the Nobel Peace Prize for Partying, twice in … Continue reading

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Sort of a long story, but we have an elaborate plan to sell 1,000,000 “Peace Bonds” in order to crowdfund our upcoming “Global Party Pandemic” world tour. These bonds will sell for $2 apiece and all bearers will be repaid … Continue reading

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Camp Dogecoin At Burning Man Was A Success!

Craaaaazy good times, as recounted within this Coinbase Article. And Cameron Gray’s Pièce de résistance in Bitcoin Magazine. And this Mad Bitcoins featurette: No time to provide further details right now, as we’re going nonstop on a crazy new plan … Continue reading

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