European Tour Announced!

With your support, the joy and madness of the DDP will soon be shared with a significant slice of the European union!

Click Below For Facebook Event Pages:
LONDON- Sept. 17

PARIS- Sept. 19
BERLIN- Sept. 23
TURIN- Sept. 25

VENICE- Sept. 26
ATHENS- Oct. 2
(and please invite everyone you know)

And click the pic below to be magically transported to the main Party Safari Europe page with all the information!

Europe Map Fixed Dates

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What Is Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party?

Welcome to the official DDP website. For those who are curious, the videos below provide a very nice who/what/where/when/why/how overview of The Party Revolution.

Click HERE for our critically-acclaimed Party Manifesto and HERE for a comprehensive overview of the DDP’s genesis, evolution and Global Party Pandemic / Nobel Peace Prize aspirations (as briefly discussed in the videos above).

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Field Manual Sneak Preview and Camp DDP At Burning Man 2015!

The final rough draft of The Official DDP Field Manual was recently completed!


And after receiving a good deal of invaluable feedback from a good number of invaluable reviewers, the final written revisions are now underway.

Once complete, the final design work will commence. Here’s a sample of what it’s going to look like inside, c/o designer Beau Burrows:


The plan is to have the Field Manual finalized, printed, and ready to share at Burning Man 2015; where we will be hosting a very special “Camp DDP” theme camp.

The purpose of Camp DDP is to connect with as many people as possible who want to learn more about the DDP and initiate their own Autonomous DDP Party Cells.

If you’re coming to Burning Man and interested in creating your own DDPs and want to either camp with us or join the daily discussions, click HERE for all the details.


But Yes!

Once the dust has settled and the Autonomous Cells are autonomously propagating, we’ll jump back into production on the DDP documentary Another Night, Another Dream.


We’re on the hunt for a local Vancouver person (or a travel-willing one nearby) who’d be interested in helping The Niven (The DDP’s Mystical Hype Man / Spirit Animal) to launch and market his crazy new clothing line!


He’s looking for someone who fairly tech-savvy (ideally with wordpress, photoshop, photo, video, crowdfunding). Please email ASAP if interested- should be a very interesting gig!


The “How To Build Your Own Boombox” tutorial from The Official DDP Field Manual was just publicly released- Click The Pic Below To Check It Out Right Now.


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The Final Rough Draft Of The DDP Field Manual Is Complete!

After many months of toil, the final rough draft has finally been finalized!

It was just sent out for review to a large number of Esteemed Reviewers and once their feedback has been implemented and the accompanying photos have been selected, it will finally be ready for printing and sharing with the world.


The Field Manual is 50% Top-Secret Technical Information and 50% Foundational Open-Source Party Philosophy and is intended to inspire the creation of hundreds of Autonomous DDP Party Cells around the globe. To learn more about the movement and/or how to initiate your own Autonomous Party Cell, click the pic below!

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The past four months have been as riveting and ridiculous as you’d expect…

1 Gary and Kerry

It all kicked off with Camp Dogecoin At Burning Man, wherein we connected with a bevy of beautiful friends, both old and new, spread the good word of the DDP and together advanced plans for a Radically Decentralized Future. As can be learned by clicking the pic below:

dogeBMAfter stashing a fourth fleet of boomboxes in rural California, we broke north; back to Canada to continue working doggedly on The Official DDP Field Manual.

A fourth rough draft was finished in early October and shortly thereafter we were selected to present it at a “Decentralized Demo Day” in San Francisco. Here’s the video we created for it (the new bit starts at 4:44):

As mentioned in the video above, we’re planning to print 100 limited-edition, autographed copies of the Field Manual (15 of which are already promised to Kickstarter backers). Sign up to The Official DDP Mailing List to receive a pre-order announcement once it’s live :)

And of course, we’ll also be releasing a download-by-donation digital version with zero copyright restrictions, allowing anyone, anywhere to freely download, remix, and print their own.

And we’re also planning to employ a crazy new Decentralized technology that will enable us to offer limited-edition digital copies as well. The tech is still under development, but it should be ready by the first quarter of 2015, the date we’re hoping to finally have the Field Manual complete and released and inspiring the initiation of hundreds of Autonomous DDP Party Cells worldwide.

Click the pic below to check out the nascent global network of DDP Party Cells (including the San Francisco one that just came online) and sign up to receive all Party-Cell-related updates.

Kickstarter Boombox PicBUT YES!

Once the Field Manual is finally complete and released and the Party Revolution is fully Decentralized and evolving autonomously, we’re gonna get right back to working doggedly on the DDP documentary: Another Night, Another Dream!

2 Christmas

P.S. We’re also on the hunt for a local Vancouver designer (or a travel-willing one nearby) to help us out with some basic layout / design work… please email ASAP if interested.



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