DDP Peace Bonds and The Nobel Prize For Partying!

Following some major advances in technology and irreverence, we’ve finally cracked the code on how to successfully finance The Global Party Pandemic, wherein we will unite the world in celebration and win the Nobel Peace Prize for Partying, twice in a row.

All detailed in the video below:

And further elaborated upon in this recent Nightline featurette:

To receive first notification when The Official DDP Field Manual and Peace Bonds are released, please join The Official DDP Mailing List by clicking the glorious Doge Below:


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Sort of a long story, but we have an elaborate plan to sell 1,000,000 “Peace Bonds” in order to crowdfund our upcoming “Global Party Pandemic” world tour.

These bonds will sell for $2 apiece and all bearers will be repaid after we’ve won the Nobel Peace prize for Partying, twice in a row, as discussed in the videos below.

Anyhow, the bonds will have a digital component (indelibly etched on the Dogecoin blockchain via a Swarm / DogeParty collaboration) and a physical paper component.

And the design of the physical paper Peace Bonds will be determined by a contest!

The image below, designed by @Stephanie Willsey is the base image that anyone is free to remix and / or derive Such Inspiration from. Just EMAIL us your design, using the subject header “Dogecoin Design Contest”. Or share it on Twitter, using the #PeaceBonds hashtag.

Prizes for the winner(s) will be announced ASAP!

Party Doge update copy

Here’s the original source image. Back in the day, countries would sell war bonds to fund their wars. With your assistance, we’ll turn the notion on its head and Save The World. Promise.

War Bonds

Be sure to sign up to the Fantastic DDP Mailing List to keep abreast of it all!

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Camp Dogecoin At Burning Man Was A Success!

Craaaaazy good times, as recounted within this Coinbase Article.

Doge CaravanAnd Cameron Gray’s Pièce de résistance in Bitcoin Magazine.

Camp Dogecoin DesertCamp Dogecoin DialogueAnd this Mad Bitcoins featurette:

No time to provide further details right now, as we’re going nonstop on a crazy new plan to soon launch The Official DDP Field Manual!

Field Manual 0.4

Doge Thumbnail




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Camp Dogecoin At Burning Man 2014!


10556995_10152413158649442_702344554294344339_oAND PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP IF YOU HAVE TICKETS TO SELL!!!

Uncle Sam Camp Dogecoin

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The Party Revolution Is Five Years Old.

On this day five years ago, Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party was loosed upon an unsuspecting planet:

The five years since has been an unrelenting avalanche of adventure, absurdity, and consistently positive vibes, as recounted in this just-released Pecha Kucha presentation:

Big thanks to all the beautiful friends who’ve believed in and supported this crazy thing for so many years. Rest assured, we remain charged and ready to guide The Party Revolution all the way through to its rightful and glorious Transnistrian conclusion!

More information on our Party Manifesto, Feature Film(s), Open-Source Ethos, Social Stereo and 2014 BURNING MAN RETURN are available by simply left-clicking.

The Official Field Manual is developing apace and now exceeds 200 pages, half of which are rooted in timeless Party Philosophy. This sure-to-be-trending tome will surely alter the course of history and inspire a new generation of Party Revolutionaries into the streets.

Field Manual

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